How to back and Restore Bite Coin/Lite Coin

How to restore litecoin wallet

To Restore:

1. Make sure Lite Coin is Not running. Close it if it is running.

2. make a copy of the backed up wallet.dat file and overwrite wallet.dat at C:\Users\YOUUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Litecoin\  (note: change the Username into your Windows login username.



It is important to secure your wallet first before backup the wallet. otherwise, anyone who have your copy of wallet.dat can restore into their wallet and spend your coins.

To Secure: (NB: make sure you remember the password, otherwise you can’t spend your coin neither).

1. Click Settings–>Encrypt Wallet


2.  Input pasword twice.


To Verify if your wallet is secured already,

1, Click Settings,  the “Encrypt Wallet” should be grey out. it proof your wallet is secure already.


To Backup:

1. Click File —> backup Wallet –> save the wallet to a file at your like location, ideally, it should be your USB /Phone, or some off line storage.


2. Export your Lite Coint address into a CSV file, so you can use it to verify if your restoration later.

3. Restart Lite Coin, you should see your old lite coin address are appearing in this wallet.


What’s gpu intensity

gpu intensity

Intensity is the amount of work in one go the GPU has to do before it can return results. It needs to be large enough to keep the device fully utilised yet not so overloaded that the device becomes unresponsive.The faster the GPU, the higher the sweet spot is.